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On-Site Programmer and Operator Training

Onsite programmer and operator training is a vital resource that manufacturers need but feel they cannot afford because they're sending staff away to be training and it will often stop production.  With expensive equipment and deadlines that need to be met, you may be in a catch 22 situation.  We will train your staff at your facility, on your equipment, producing your pars.

The output of a machine tool is directly affected by the training or lack thereof.  Utilization of the best tooling technology is also vital.  We are in touch with the latest advances in cutting tools, machinery and machining techniques.  Let us help you to realize maximum benefit from your equipment. 

Macro Programming

User Macro Programming for complex machining and part families.  Part probing is a classic example where macro programs are a necessity.  Use your machines to their full potential and remove the human error that costs you money.  Contrary to popular belief, your machines can measure parts accurately and offset tooling without human intervention if the correct methods are utilized.  Let us help you.

New Product Programming and Prove Out

When you think it may be more than you can handle, we will come to your facility and work with you and your staff to program, setup and get the first parts for sign off.  Multi-axis programming is our specialty.  Medical and aerospace components require sophisticated software and techniques and we have both.  We will advise and guide you to the solution that you really need.

CNC Communications

RS232 as well as special communications e.g. Mazatrol CMT format.  We can supply all necessary hardware and set up all your machines for program upload, download and file management to allow programs to be managed efficiently.

CNC Programming

Hands on programmer and operator training at your premises.  CNC programming from the simplest to the most complex part programs.  Macro programming.  Special software programming for special needs not catered for by other means.

Key Benefits: 

Your machine output is only as good as your staffs input.
Training will help them to help you.
Keep your machines running while we program them for you.
Simplify the programming for part families with custom macros (similar parts).
Custom written software for program output from a PC

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