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NOTE!!! Catalog Pricing is outdated on some items. Please contact our office for correct prices and orders!







As a regional distributor / integrator for Renishaw, we have the ability to offer:
Machine Tools ~ Software ~ Styli Max ~ CMM ~ Calibration ~ Return by Exchange Products


Renishaw Repair Services


Global Industrial Solutions offers the full line of repair services provided by Renishaw

Renishaw has a Repair by Exchange (RBE) service.  Don't throw your damaged probe hardware away
Use the RBE program and we will save you thousands of dollars!

Standard Repair

Your product is repaired to factory performance and carries a 3-month warranty

Repair by Exchange (RBE)

Your product is replaced by a refurbished or as new product, shipped to you once Renishaw receives

your failed product.  RBE's carry a 6 month warranty

Advanced RBE

Your product is replaced by a refurbished or as new product and shipped to you the same day

RBE's carry a 6 month warranty and require a $95.00 additional charge, plus expedited shipping charges

***  Your inoperative product must be returned within 10 working days of receipt of the advance

replacement  Failure to do so will result in an issuance of a non-return invoice at the full list price

All Renishaw Products are Sold Below List Price

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