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        The Missing Link for "On Machine" Inspection

 GIS Proven - Automated Part Probe Calibration Kit

Kit consists of a single magnetic base, ring gauge mount and Pelican Case.

Shown here with optional Datum Ball & Datum Ball Mount.

2017-07-03 10.45.37
2017-07-03 10.45.32
2017-07-03 10.50.37
2017-07-03 10.50.39
2017-07-03 10.53.21

GIS offers an intuitive probe calibration system

System Advantages:

  • Automated probe calibration cycle

  • Offers immediate operator access

  • Eliminates "tramming" of artifact to identify artifact position***

  • Comparable to CMM method calibration

  • Fast and consistent method of calibration

  • Guarantees success

  • Automated update to probe run out and tip radius offset

  • Allows two methods of calibration, one in a ring and the other on a sphere(3d touch)

*** Machine must have capability to orient the spindle to 180 degrees

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