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Multi Tasking Machine

Multi Tasking Machine

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This solution was designed to combine the capability of two measurement systems into one compact unit.  This unit is easy to maintain and unlike laser systems, is impervious to coolant.  The key to this solution is the macro suite that drives the tool measurement

Turning and Milling Tools are all measured automatically as part of the cutting routine, allowing the machine to run unsupervised.

The probe unit uses a Renishaw probe which is mounted to the machines tool measurement arm which retracts from the machining area while cutting is in progress.  A 19mm square ceramic stylus is utilized making manual tool setting possible, without the need for the operator to climb into the machine to check tool position for measurement. This system removes the safety hazard which exists with the standard tool eye.

Cycles Provided:  Probe Calibration, Turning Tool Setting, Turning Tool Breakage/Wear Detection, Face and End Mill Setting, Drill, Tap and Reamer setting and tool breakage detection.

When a tool is found to have worn or broken, the cycle can be stopped or the tool life in the tool data is flagged as expired.

A calibration artifact is mounted to the arm for maintaining the accuracy of the part probe as well as controlling thermal growth when machining extremely tight tolerance parts.

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