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As a regional distributor / integrator for Renishaw, we have the ability to offer:
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Renishaw Repair Services

Global Industrial Solutions offers the full line of repair services provided by Renishaw

Renishaw has a Repair by Exchange (RBE) service.  Don't throw your damaged probe hardware away
Use the RBE program and w
e will save you thousands of dollars!

Standard Repair

Your product is repaired to factory performance and carries a 3-month warranty

Repair by Exchange (RBE)

Your product is replaced by a refurbished or as new product, shipped to you once Renishaw
receives your failed product.  RBE's carry a 6 month warranty

Advanced RBE

Your product is replaced by a refurbished or as new
product and shippedto you the same day

RBE's carry a 6 month warranty and require a $75.00 additional charge,
plus expedited shipping charges

***  Your inoperative product must be returned within 10 working days of receipt of the advance replacement  Failure to do so will result in an issuance of a non-return invoice at the full list price

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